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Our Journey Starts!

Blazing trails as business owners with swords drawn, depending on our technical ability to light a campfire each night, alone. Trees show signs of an entrepreneurial myth, with new weapons we can climb mountains.

We Learn...

The most effective weapons are spears because group formation is stronger than individual endurance. Yet each day facing harsh elements, lone-wolf survival feels normal or necessary.

The Obvious Truth?

We crave connection and collaboration fuels innovation. Packs are extremely vocal, more successful in communication. This valley doesn’t sell swords or sharpen spears… in this forest they’re obsolete.

A Catalyst member empowers others first, in turn receiving the growth to move forward. Scientists use catalysts to speed up reactions, but these elements are not depleted in the process. Often times the best way to learn is to teach or lead. We are the Catalysts.

A Shift is often slight, a momentum we maintain, rewarded with opportunity. Change can be tough on our bodies, our minds, and the people around us. Shifting perspectives isn’t always easy, but we can do it. We keep Shifting.


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